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Document: Photodesk HowTo2.91

Copyright: All text and images © Lee Montgomerie and Chris Terran 2002 (except where noted)

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Version: 2.91

Dated: 3 Mar 2003

Site history


Our warmest thanks to The Iconbar for generously providing a home for this site, and for the guestbook facilities.

Thanks to Photodesk Ltd for a fine piece of software.

Thanks to the sterling work of the RISC OS community and its supporters, especially the writers of PD / shareware / freeware software.

Special thanks to all those who've responded to this web site with encouragement, criticism and suggestions:

Site Information

Since version 2.80 (3 May 2002) the site has been generated from template files by SiteMan, a web authoring program written by Chris in NeuLisp (a RISC OS Lisp interpreter, also written by Chris ... the nice thing about writing programs in your own language is that you can change it when it doesn't quite do what you want). Prior to that the pages were written using EasiWriter, because ... well, it was easy. It was saved as HTML, with a final few tweaks by hand to tidy it up.

The site has been tested on WebsterXL, Fresco, Oregano, ArcWeb, Opera and Internet Explorer. It deliberately uses only simple HTML: there is no Java, no javascript, no frames, no Flash, no Shockwave. It is, inevitably, fairly graphics-heavy, but an attempt has been made to reduce the size of images as much as possible while retaining quality.

All graphics were made on Photodesk, ably assisted by the following programs:

Essential extras:

Hardware used included:

Unless otherwise stated, all photographs are by Chris and Lee. Many come from our trips to Zambia and Portugal in 2001.


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